Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Eagles - Long Road Out Of Eden

The Eagles ''Long Road Out Of Eden'' was originally released as 2-disc album in 2007. I personally thought it should of been a single-disc album. So, here's my single-disc version of the ''Long Road Out Of Eden''...enjoy!

1) "No More Walks in the Wood" (4:00) A "gentle and forboding harmony fest" that is, "...part social commentary, part examination of the human condition and part re-introduction of the band via new and powerful songs"

2) "How Long" (3:20) Cover of JD Souther song. This was released as the first single and a video was made for this song.

3) "Busy Being Fabulous" (4:17) Don Henley lead vocal...''a mid-tempo twanger featuring the familiar Henley vitriol"

4) "No More Cloudy Days" (3:58) This was featured on the Farewell I DVD. Glenn Frey lead vocals

5) "Guilty of the Crime" (3:44) Joe Walsh lead vocal... "chugging boogie"

6) "Waiting in the Weeds" (7:10) "an acoustic-based ballad featuring a brilliant Henley lyric, vibrant imagery, haunting instrumentation and well-crafted vocal arrangements."

7) "You Are Not Alone" (2:30) A song Glenn Fry wrote for those who are going through some hard times.

8) "Long Road Out of Eden" (10:15) The title track and a Henley opus. Glenn says this song is about 10 minutes long and very ponderous. The Henley-penned title song, he added, is “written (from) the eyes of a U.S. serviceman and the way he sees the world.”

9) "Somebody" (4:12) A "spooky, paranoid rocker"

10) "Last Good Time in Town" (7:15) "an infectious romp" from Joe.

11) "I Love To Watch a Woman Dance" (3:11) Glenn sings lead on this cover of a Larry John McNally song.

12) "It's Your World Now" (4:20) Glenn Frey lead vocal.


Total Time - 56:48

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